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Les Planteurs de May
Les Planteurs de May
Les Planteurs de May
Year and Calendar :
Months / May

" Les Planteurs de May " (Planting the maypole).

Etching, coloured, undated.
Paris, Mus. des Arts et Traditions.
May festival
Month of May
Hye kumm ich stoltzer may (…)
May Day
The Coming of May
May Belfort
May Belfort
May Milton
May 1898
May Day
Form of Moscow Kreml and Red Square on 1st May 1918: Tainiz
Porträt der Schauspielerin Gisela May
Personification of the month of May
May Belfort
Barricade fighting in May 1849.
May Sartoris
Demonstration, 1 May on Red Square in Moscow
May and June, a Fantasy View of the Villa Borghese, Rome
Portrait de Mme. May
Barricade fighting in May 1849
Erection of barricades May 1849.
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